Hello – thanks for dropping by!
We’re really stoked that you are here right at the beginning of our journey into blogging everything graphic design.
We’d love to grow a community of local designers and entrepanuers and we encourage your comments!
PLEASE feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section of each of our posts.

What’s the blog going to look like?
You know what: not sure. The hope is this blog will grow into it’s own, focusing on the bits that are most valuable to our clients and the design industry as a whole.
We plan to look at whats going on in the industry, tips for the businesses, schools and not-for-profits we work with, previews of some of our latest work and a whole lot more. Expect to see 1/2 posts a week as we get up and running. Where excited to see where this leads!

Who are we?
Red Licorice is the baby of graphic designer Andrew Field. Andrew will publish most of the reads on this blog, with a few guests popping in now and then.
Andrew loves all things design and while spending the bulk of his time crafting design projects with Red Licorice, he still finds time to jump into the classroom to lecture students on the fundamentals of graphic design.

What do we do?
Based in Perth, Western Australia, Red Licorice is a design studio working with local businesses, schools and not-for-profits. We know that the end goal of all projects is to communicate a message – whether that message be as specific as effective product packaging or simply producing a yearbook or annual report that speaks volumes of who our clients are.